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A large European conglomerate has successfully launched a system for recording incidents and controlling occupational safety

A large European conglomerate, uniting dozens of food production plants, has begun implementing a system for recording incidents and monitoring occupational safety developed by LoovaTech.
April 19, 2022
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A well-known producer of confectionery and snacks approached Loovatech with a proposal to develop an IT solution for dealing with production risks. One of the company's enterprises was chosen to start the project and perform practical testing.

Occupational safety issues are directly related to getting timely feedback from rank-and-file employees. The main, root problem is the lack of a unified data collection system. It is the cause of most difficulties and inefficiencies in decision-making. Reporting is disjointed; there is no unified form. Such signals often do not reach the company's management, and are blocked at the level of middle and even lower managers. Employees do not have a clear and simple mechanism for recording incidents and a way to deliver information to senior management.

First of all, the developers conducted an in-depth analysis of the existing problems and the tasks set by the customer. Based on this research, it was decided to create a mobile app for employees and a web console for engineers. Only 3 months later pilot versions of the mobile application appeared in AppStore and Google Play stores.

The functionality of the application allows you to conveniently and quickly record a risk and describe it in detail, attaching photos and videos. A detailed history of each case is generated. A system of access rights has been implemented, allowing individual employees to access the information they need. You can quickly generate and upload a ready report. All reports are downloaded in a form suitable for the inspection bodies, as ready-to-sign documents.

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For a long time production incident data was collected in scattered paper logs at individual plants. The central office did not have a complete picture of what was going on, lacked transparency and the ability to compare statistics. Now, to describe a problem at work, an employee simply has to take out his smartphone and send information by filling out a convenient and simple form. The description can be accompanied by a photo and video. The process takes literally a minute or two. The employee will also be able to track how his request is handled and what measures will be taken to fix the problem.

The ability to trace logical connections and unified statistics help to reveal unobvious subtle points, which has the most favorable effect on efficiency. The transparency of the system allows you to minimize the internal bureaucracy of a large structure, greatly simplifying the logistics and response to problematic cases.

The successfully tested IT-innovation in the near future will be scaled up to all production structures of the company. And this means improved safety and working conditions for thousands of people involved in production.

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